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All divisions within the Department are open for business. If you have general questions or need to speak with staff, please contact us at 707-784-6765 and you will be directed to the correct staff person to assist you. You may also email us at [email protected].

If you wish to submit an application or plans for a building permit, on-site sewage disposal (septic) system or water well, you may utilize our Online Permits application under OPTIONS to the left. For all other programs, or for general information and hard copy permit forms, please follow the links below.

If you need to be seen in person, please make an appointment for faster service. 

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For more information on the LNU Lightning Complex Fire, please click the link under OPTIONS to the left.  Information specific to cleanup of fire ash and debris can be found under "Phase II".  The deadline to complete a private Work Plan cleanup for properties is August 1, 2021. All properties participating in the Right of Entry government sponsored cleanup program are scheduled to have their cleanup completed by the State prior to August 1, 2021.

Under the general direction of the Office of the Director, the Department of Resource Management consists of these six organizational divisions:

Building and Safety Services 
Environmental Health Services
Parks and Recreation
Planning Services
Public Works
Administrative Services.

The department also administers the following programs for the unincorporated areas of Solano County:
Business licenses
Housing Programs (NSP3, Housing Authority)

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items of interest which include: Travis Sustainability Study (TSS), Final Report-Cannabis, Middle Green Valley Specific Plan, Draft Noise Ordinance, Recycling Events, Dove Creek Project 2018. 

Request for Proposal for Building Inspection Services

Fire Hazard Severity Zones in State Responsibility Area

For online building, septic, wells/borings, encroachment, or grading permits, or to pay fees associated to those permits, please go to our online permit system.  For other invoice and permit payments, please go to our online payment system.