Engineering & Surveyor Forms

Forms for the following permits can be found here:

Assembly Permits
Encroachment Permits
Grading Permits
Security for Oil and Gas Drilling Permits
Vallejo Parking Permits for Carlson Street, Cypress Avenue, and Lemon Street
Transportation Permits

All Permits should be faxed to (707) 784-2894

For Encroachment Permits, Vallejo Parking Permits and Oil and Gas Well Permits:
Greg Meeks (707) 784-6077     [email protected]

For Grading Permits:
Daniel Santos (707) 784-3155     [email protected] 

For Transportation Permits:
Charlie Palomeras (707) 784-6069     [email protected]

For Information on Map Checking:
Charlie Palomeras (707) 784-6069