Operations Division

Public Works Operations Division maintains roadways, shoulders, signs, drainage ditches, culverts, bridges and vegetation within county right of way. This division also maintains roads, parking lots, and drainage facilities for other agencies on a reimbursable basis, including drainage channels maintained under contract with the Solano County Water Agency.

The Public Works- Operations office and facility are located at:
3255 North Texas Street
Fairfield, CA 94533
PH: (707) 421-6055
FAX: (707) 421-6090

For a service request or road information, contact:
Sheila Hearon (707) 421-6055
Office Coordinator

For maintenance questions or concerns in the following areas, contact:
Greg Bair (707) 448-6942
North Road Maintenance District Supervisor

Charles Moore (707) 421-6057
South Road Maintenance District Supervisor

Scott Emigh (707) 374-5331
Vegetation Management Supervisor

Johnny Gallegos (707) 448-6980
Channel/Levee/Bridge Maintenance Supervisor

Stephen Roehrs (707) 421-6058
Traffic Maintenance/County Road Signs Supervisor

For division management contact:
Matthew Hardy (707) 421-6055
Public Works Operations Manager

Road Closures
For current road closures in unincorporated Solano County, click on this link: Road Closures

Signs in County Right of Way
Any signs (campaign/non-campaign) installed within the County Right of Way will be removed and taken to the Fairfield Corporation Yard.  If you need additional information, please call: (707) 421-6055.