Mobile/Modular/Manufactured Homes
Mobile home: A Manufactured Dwelling.

Manufactured Dwelling: A structure certified under the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 and designed for, or occupied exclusively by, one family. A manufactured dwelling shall be installed on a foundation system as a fixture or improvement to the real property, in accordance with section 18551(a) of the Health and Safety Code and implementing regulations, unless installed as a temporary dwelling or in a mobilehome park.

Temporary Dwelling: A manufactured dwelling installed as chattel property and for a limited, fixed term, for a purpose specified by the applicable Zoning District.

Mobilehome Park: Any area or tract of land where one or more mobilehome lots are rented or leased or held out for rent or lease to accommodate mobilehomes used for human habitation. The rental paid for any such mobilehome shall be deemed to include rental for the lot it occupies.
Permits Required
  • A Temporary Use permit may be required if a temporary mobile/manufactured home is proposed.
  • A Well/Septic permit may be required.
  • A Grading permit may be required.
  • A Building Permit is required for temporary or permanent mobile/manufactured homes.
  • A State of California HCD permit is required if any alterations are made to the structure of a temporary or permanent mobile/manufactured home.
Required Drawings and Plans
Minimum Plan Checklist

Four (4) sets of the following drawings are required, if applicable:

Plot Plan: This plan is a view of the entire property. Clearly show and dimension to scale all property lines, easements, setbacks, roads, drainage away from the building, existing structures, proposed structures/additions, retaining walls, water well(s), septic system(s), LP tank(s), streams, north arrow, scale, owner name, name of person preparing plans and project address.

Elevation: Show all exterior features such as the style of the building, doors, windows, decks, finishes, patios, chimneys, trims, etc. (This may be provided in the Manufacturers Home Installation Manual.)

Floor Plan: Show all interior and exterior walls, doors, landings, decks, stairways, closets, counters, plumbing fixtures (water heaters, toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, etc.). (This plan may be provided in the Manufacturers Home Installation Manual.)

Foundation Plan: Show perimeter and interior footings, slab, piers, stairs, etc. Show details of each foundation section indicating size, reinforcement, etc. Provide a listed or engineered tie down/anchor system. (This plan may be provided in the Manufacturers Home Installation Manual.)

Manufacture?s Installation Manual/Instructions: This is generally provided at time of home purchase. If not, you may be able to contact the Manufacturer of the home to acquire the Installation/Manual.

Soils Report: An analysis with foundation design criteria (foundation type, soil load limits, etc.) may be required for all new structures.
Permit Application
The following information is required to complete the permit application.
  • Description of the work
  • Location of the project
  • Legal owners name, address and phone number
  • Valuation of the proposed project
  • Other information as may be required
The owner, contractor or authorized agents are the only persons who can legally sign the building permit application. Upon approval of the application and issuance of the permit, the permittee has 180 days to commence work on the project. The permit will be valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance.
Important Information - Regarding Year of Manufacture
Any manufactured home proposed to be installed in Solano County must be manufactured after February 1975, according to the Manufactured Home Standards Act of 1974.

Exception: Where a person proposes to sell, offer for sale, rent or lease a mobile home manufactured after September 15, 1971, and before June 15, 1976, or commercial coach manufactured after September 15, 1971, for which an insignia of approval has not been issued, it will be necessary for such person to supply the State HCD division with written certification by a California licensed architect or professional engineer stating that the vehicle has been inspected and the structural system of the vehicle is constructed in accordance with the regulations. Consult the State HCD division regarding the fire safety, exits, ceiling heights, room and hallway sizes, light and ventilation, safety glass, electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment and installation in order to determine compliance with the regulations.
Environmental Health
Consult Environmental Health to verify if a septic tank or well permit is required.
Zoning Requirements
Consult the Planning Division for zoning approval and to verify the proposed structure does not encroach into easements or required side, front or rear yard setbacks. A Temporary or Conditional Use Permit may be required.
The following inspections are made only if a permit is issued for the Mobile/Manufactured Home:
  • Foundation/Underfloor hookups: To be made after foundation/tiedown system, and/or pier holes are dug (if applicable) and prior to concrete or skirting placement.
  • Connection points at marriage line of a multiple sectioned unit for floor, wall and roof connections. These areas are to remain open and accessible for inspection prior to covering up with floor, wall or ceiling coverings.
  • All Underground Utilities and hookups shall be inspected prior to covering.
  • Final: Decks, guardrails, handrails, stairs, skirting, and landings, if applicable, shall be installed and an address posted.
When To Call For An Inspection
For your convenience, the Building and Safety Division provides a 24-hour inspection requests line. When you call please leave the permit number, address and type of inspection requested. Inspections will be made on the day following request. The approved plans and the inspection card should be on the job site and available to the inspector at the time of inspection. For inspection request: (707) 421-4750
Important Numbers
Department of Resource Management
24 Hour Inspection Request Line (707)784-4750

The Building, Planning, Public Works, and Environmental Health Divisions are located at
675 Texas Street, Suite 5500
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