Agricultural Homestay

A dwelling, occupied by a resident family and located on and part of a farm that produces agricultural products as the family’s primary source of income, in which two or more guest rooms are offered or used for transient occupancy, with or without meals.

An agricultural homestay incidental to the principal agricultural use on the property, as permitted in the applicable zoning district, must meet the applicable development standards delineated in the zoning district and comply with additional requirements as outlined in the following Land Use Regulations 28.75.10(A) & (B)(1). 

An agricultural homestay is subject to the issuance of an Administrative Permit. Refer to Planning Applications & Instructions for Application and Fee Schedule.

For further help and questions, please contact staff of the Planning Services Division at 707-784-6765 and speak with the Planner on duty or contact us via e-mail at [email protected].