Building & Safety Services
We are now accepting permit applications and plans electronically. Please submit your plans and applications online by going to Building Permits Online and registering for an account.

Daily Inspection Schedule

Building and Safety Services
The Building and Safety Division conducts building plan reviews, issues building permits, and inspects permitted construction for compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. They enforce state and federal codes, as well as County adopted California Building Standards Codes.

Building Plan Reviews 
The Building and Safety Division reviews all drawings for conformance to the Building Code prior to issuing building permits.
Minimum Plan Check Submittal Requirements

Building Inspections
The Building and Safety Division performs inspections of permitted construction.
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Expedited Solar Energy Permit Process
Solano County has adopted a process to expedite permitting of small, residential rooftop solar energy systems.  This process is based on the most recent
Governor's Office of Planning and Research California Solar Permitting Guidebook.  To obtain a permit please apply online here: Building Permits Online

Licensed contractors are eligible for automated residential solar plan review using SolarAPP+

Flood Zone Determination
The Building and Safety Division performs Flood Zone Determinations. Upon application for a building permit, the Building and Safety Division will review the submitted application and plans and determine whether or not the site of the proposed structure is within any special flood hazard area established by the special flood hazard areas identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and accompanying Flood Insurance Rate maps.
Flood Zone Determination 

Additional Information
Please email your questions to [email protected]
Building & Safety Services Frequently Asked Questions
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Code Compliance
The function of the Code Compliance program is to address Housing and Zoning Code violations and vehicle abatement. The mission of the Code Compliance Officer is to gain substantial code compliance for those violations addressed.
Code Complaint Form
Housing Code Violations
Zoning Code Violations
Vehicle Abatement

Grading permits are issued by the Department's Public Works-Engineering Division, which performs grading plan reviews and inspects grading projects for compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, and enforces mandated State and Federal Codes, as well as County adopted California Building Standards Codes. In an effort to provide means for controlling soil erosion, sedimentation, increased rates of water runoff and related environmental damage, a grading permit will be required prior to any grading, filling, excavation or clearing of vegetation which is not determined exempt.
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The address numbering function within the unincorporated areas of Solano County is handled by the Department's Planning Division. A positive identification system eliminates error and confusion and aids emergency vehicles from fire, sheriff and ambulance service to respond quickly to calls and to facilitate postal and other delivery service.

Fire Safety
Preparing Your Home - Fire in California (