Code Compliance
The code compliance program, established in October 1993, was formulated to spearhead the movement toward property clean up and code compliance. Historically, Solano County has been a rural, farming community with minimal emphasis placed on urban standards of living. With the influx of residents as property owners and the urbanization of unincorporated areas of the county, there has been a ground swell of awareness and support of the need for code compliance. The Solano County Code Compliance program has been empowered to investigate housing code violations, zoning code violations, and vehicle abatement issues.
Housing Code Violations
Enforcement of the various housing related codes is to provide a remedy whereby buildings or structures which endanger the life, limb, health, morals, property, safety or welfare of the general public or their occupants can be addressed. Abatement of this type of code violations is accomplished through repair or demolition.
Zoning Code Violations
Enforcement of the Zoning Ordinances (Chapter 28 of the Solano County Code) shall apply to the construction, alteration, moving, repair and use of any building, parcel of land or sign. The purpose of this code is to safeguard the health, property and public welfare by controlling the design, location, use or occupancy of all buildings through the regulated and orderly development of land and land uses.
Vehicle Abatement
The accumulation of abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles, or parts thereof, on private or public property, including highways, has been declared to be a public nuisance by the Solano County Board of Supervisors. Chapter 6.5 of the Solano County Code was adopted to provide a procedure for the abatement of these nuisances.
Complaint Form
To file a complaint, please fill out this form and mail it or bring it in to
Solano County Department of Resource Management
Code Compliance
675 W. Texas Street
Suite 5500
Fairfield, CA 94533
Code Complaint Form
Although the county Building Official maintains direct supervision of the program, he/she must necessarily allow broad discretionary powers to the officers in the field. Code Compliance Officers have been empowered to define and institute procedures for uniform methods of investigation and enforcement of code violations.

Due to the adversarial nature of the program, field decision making is an integral part of the empowerment of the officers. The officers are thoroughly versed in all applicable Codes and have the ability to make decisions based on his/her knowledge.

Code Complaince Complaint
To file a complaint by phone:

Call (707) 784-6765

Once you have reached administrative staff, please explain that you would like to discuss a complaint with someone from Code Compliance, or request that they fill out a complaint form for you and it will be forwarded to Code Compliance.