Instruction Forms


Signed instructions directing the Sheriff's Office to serve civil process or perform an enforcement action are required. The instructions must be signed by your attorney or if you don't have an attorney, by you. The instructions must be dated and include the address for service. You can click on the links provided below for the Sheriff's Instruction form needed. If the instruction form you need is not listed below for the type of service of process or enforcement action you need, use the Sheriff's General Civil Process Instructions" below or you can prepare your own.

Effective January 1, 2024, there will be new instruction requirements:

  • CA Govt Code § 26666.10  (AB 2791), a new mandated universal instruction form will be required to initiate any service. Do not submit prior to 1/1/2024. ***After 12/29/2023, the Solano County Sheriff's Office Downloadable Forms will NO longer be valid or available for use.***

Downloadable Forms

Eviction Instructions English

Eviction Instructions Spanish

General Civil Process for Service

Personal Property Levy

Real Property Levy Instructions

Electronic Writ Declaration

Till Tap-Keeper

Temporary/Permanent Restraining Order Instructions