Inmate Programs and Services


Contractors (through Sheriff’s Department Funding)

  1. Anka Programs Solano County Jail Alcohol and Drug Residential Programs. The “Tools for Transformation” AOD program provides two groups per day, five days per week for both male and female inmates.  The programs are located in the Claybank facility.  Primary focus is on relapse prevention and generalized substance abuse counseling.  Anger management, trauma and recovery, and parenting skills are also addressed. All clients receive individual counseling. 
  2. Jail Counseling Program  A collaboration between the Sheriff’s Office and the Wright Institute, a professional school of psychology in Berkeley, California.  Interns provide counseling to selected inmates during the academic year (Sept.—June).
  3. Recovery Too (“R2”)   A self-run therapeutic community, housed in one module at Claybank Jail.  Participants are involved in one peer-led group a day.  Program staff of Sheriff's Office facilitate two group sessions weekly.  Focus is on substance abuse recovery and personal development, and the process of changing negative behavior.
  4. Thinking for a Change:   Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders which includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills. This bi-weekly class will occur in Minimum Security Sections in Fairfield Jail beginning in August of 2014. 
  5. Chaplain Services   Provides religious programs in the jail.  In cooperation with local religious leaders and chaplain volunteers, weekly Bible studies and religious faith group rites and prayers are offered to some housing units.  The Chaplain also coordinates distribution of religious reading materials, conducts weddings, and provides personal counseling services
  6. GED/Literacy Program   Run by the Solano Co. Office of Education for male and female inmates, with or without a high school diploma.  Focus is primarily on math, writing, and English skills; students also can work on science and social studies.  Students can be preparing for GED exam, as well as other types of tests, such as vocational training, college. 
  7. Pre-GED Class  Run by a teacher from the Fairfield/Suisun Adult School this program will be offered to both male and female inmates who are unable to work at a level necessary to participate in the GED class.  The focus on the class will be improving reading, writing, language and math skills.  Classes to begin Fall 2014.
  8. Inmate Library Service   Legal reference services are being provided by Legal Research Associates, (LRA), an outside service.  Educational, self-help, and recreational  books are available in-house.  Lists of programs by county are also available by writing to the library.  

Collaborations (with other Solano County or Government Departments and/or CBP)

  1. Women's Reentry Achievement Program (WRAP) WRAP case managers provide pre-release services in the jail 30 – 60 days prior to a woman’s release.  Services include individual risks/needs assessments, reentry planning, “Helping Women Recover” empowerment groups, Reading Legacies (a program helping incarcerated women stay connected with their children), and peer mentor support. Intensive case management services are provided after release.  WRAP referral forms can be obtained from floor officers.  At present the only requirements are that women in jail be residents of Solano County, are pregnant or parents or parent figures of children under the age of 18. 
  2. Veterans Justice Outreach Program  VA social worker comes to the jail every other Friday to help inmates who are veterans access VA and community resources.  Assists in establishing eligibility, discharge and transition planning, health and housing services, etc.
  3. Veteran’s Program  The Veteran’s Program will be located in a Mod at the Claybank Jail.  This project is a collaboration between the Concord Vets Center, the VA Northern California Healthcare System, the Solano County veteran’s Services, Anka Behavioral Health and the Sheriff’s Office.  The Vets Mod will be peer run and partners will provide services such as; substance abuse treatment, trauma treatment, anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy and benefits education and enrollment.  Opening summer 2014.

Volunteer Activities

  1. The Angry Heart Group   Volunteer runs a group in PC, and sees individuals there and throughout the jail.  Treatment focused on issues relating to anger, trauma, abuse, borderline behavior and substance abuse.  Planning for utilization of community resources post-release are provided to inmates as well as family members.
  2. Community Volunteer Services   Group work facilitated by community volunteers such as AA, NA, Religious Services. 
  3. Employability Skills   This bi-weekly course, offered to female inmates, focuses on the acquisition of soft skills as well as customer service skills in order to assist individuals with acquiring and retaining employment.