Chaplain - Solano County Sheriff's Office

I'm Rodney Jones. I was born and raised in a small town in Mississippi as a Southern Baptist. After I served in the military, I decided to get my bachelor's degree from San Francisco State University. Later in my career, I decided to help youth and young adults. That was where I discovered my calling as a chaplain. I believe the many years of working with teens and adults has helped me to understand why I was called and what being a chaplain is all about. That experience convinced me to continue my education and attended the Berkeley School of Theology. I graduated on May 19, 2019.

My first seminary internship taught me a lot about my faith and how to share it with others. I then worked with the Solano County facilities as a chaplain intern for three years and completed my Masters of Divinity project there. Later, I moved to Oregon and started an internship at a hospital. Those positions taught me how to relate to other faiths, including people who don't have a faith at all. I also learned about the importance of empathy, theological anthropology, how to care for people other than the patient, and so on. Because of this, I really grew in my skills and my career. Along the way, I became part of Highland Christian Center and was locally ordained as an elder on June 5th, 2022.

When not doing ministry work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids and going to football games. I'm looking forward to returning home to California with my family, and meeting more like minded people in my career.