Low Cost Clinic


Our VACCINATION clinic is TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice. Check back with us at the beginning of next month!



your pet as part of your responsible pet ownership plan. $13.00



Raising public awareness on the benefits of spay and neutering pets is very important to us. The benefits not only include reducing the unwanted animal population in our area but increases the life span of our beloved pets and potentially decreases late in life illness caused by lack of alteration.

We are currently not scheduling any new appointments as we are completely booked for the month of October.  Please check back with us on Tuesday November 3rd after 10am.  For additional spay/neuter resources in Solano County, please send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a message at (707) 784-4720.

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs taking advantage of our low cost spay and neuter services, must be licensed in Solano County and have a current rabies vaccine.  You may purchase a license anytime during our regular business hours or when booking a surgery.  For additional licensing information, see our Pet Licensing section.