Crisis Negotiation Team

Solano County Sheriff's Office

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) consists of specially selected and trained deputies and officers responsible for conducting and managing on-scene negotiations during a crisis while working hand-in-hand with SERT personnel. CNT seeks to initiate a constructive dialog with individuals involved in suicidal, barricade, or hostage events using crisis intervention skills with the goal of affecting a non-violent resolution. CNT also responds to pre-planned events and high risk warrant services. CNT provides operational intelligence to on-scene Tactical and Incident Commanders during critical incidents, as well as providing an intelligence assessment for planned events.

CNT operates as a component of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team in conjunction with the Sheriff’s SWAT Team. CNT is a multi-agency, specialized unit led by a Sheriff’s Sergeant and staffed by Sheriff’s Deputies, Correctional Officers and Police Officers from neighboring police departments. Prospective CNT members undergo a rigorous selection and training process which includes initial certification through the FBI, monthly unit, quarterly regional, and annual Statewide training through a partnership with regional law enforcement agencies and the California Association of Hostage Negotiators.