Solano County Coroner

The Solano County Coroner provides service to the public by conducting investigations to determine the manner and cause of death, location and notification of the legal next-of-kin, processing death certificates, overseeing indigent burials and notification of the Public Guardian regarding the need for administration of decedent estates for decedents with no known relatives. Because a Coroner's Investigation usually requires the removal of the body from the place of death and an examination or autopsy, the Coroner's Office also manages these events and operates the Central Morgue for Solano County where bodies are housed and autopsies take place.

The Coroner's Office operates 24-hours per day, seven days per week inquiring into and determining the circumstances, manner and cause of deaths. Four full time investigators are assigned specifically to this function.

The Coroner's Office is involved in the education process within the community in several ways. Internists from local colleges such as Napa Valley College, Solano Community College and the Trinity College Surgical Program benefit from experience obtained while working with pathologists and other Coroner's Office staff. A new partnership with Vacaville Police Department has enabled the education of juvenile offenders and their parents through their participation in a new Delinquency Diversion Program established by that law enforcement agency to prevent recidivism by juveniles involved in intoxication related offenses.

The Coroner's Office is also involved in a variety of interagency problem solving groups that work toward reducing certain types of deaths and education of the public regarding prevention of these deaths. The committees with which the Coroner's Office is involved include the Interagency Child Death Review Team (ICDT), the Domestic Violence Death Review Team (DVDRT), the SIDS Advisory Board, and others as needed.