Dispatch Center

Solano County Public Safety
Dispatch Center

Imagine yourself as a Public Safety Dispatcher. You are receiving, evaluating and summarizing calls for service for police and fire agencies. You provide information to the public and other agencies. You will monitor, respond and track radio and unit activity. You will utilize many aspects of the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, querying vehicles, people and articles.

The Solano County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center handles numerous tasks. Our dispatch center dispatches law enforcement and fire services for the following agencies: Sheriff's Office, Isleton Police and Fire, Dixon Police and Fire, Cordelia Fire Protection District, California Medical Facility, Suisun Fire Protection District, Rio Vista/Delta Fire Districts, Montezuma/Ryer IslandĀ Fire Protection District, Vacaville Fire Protection District and Solano Community College Police on a 24 hour basis. The Sheriff's Dispatch Center also handles coordination of air ambulance for scene calls to all areas of the county (city or county), coordination of all mutual aid for the county and out of county requests. They handle after hours water problems for Solano Irrigation District, after hours contact for Animal Control, Coroner, County Roads, Public Works, Communications, Building and Grounds, SWAT, Chaplain, DA's, Probation/Parole, Reserves and numerous others.

The Dispatch Center operates with at least 2 people on duty at all times, if not 3 people or more. We answer and transmit on 3 primary radio channels, 7 secondary channels and a number of other law / fire radios for other agencies. We also answer 12 business lines, 4 Nextels, 6 - 911 lines, numerous alarm panels, fax requests and mobile data computer messages.