Departmental Functions

  • Directs and plans the Department's services by establishing its mission and setting goals.
  • Establishes departmental policy and procedure.
  • Provides effective financial and asset management.
  • Maintains a healthy and productive workforce.
  • Continually reviews work processes and methods for currency and quality of service and make improvements as necessary.
  • Provides technical and management support services, i.e., automation, project management, labor relations and personnel administration.
  • Prevent and detect criminal activity.
  • Apprehend persons responsible for crimes.
  • Render assistance to citizens.
  • Develop a rapport with the citizens as to their needs and expectations of the department.
  • Provide security for¬†Superior Courts.
  • Provide safe and secure transportation of in-custody persons to court.
  • Provide secure criminal history records and warrant information.
  • Answer all 911 calls.
  • Dispatch appropriate emergency service.
  • Provide officer safety monitoring.
  • Provide communication link for mutual aid exercises.
  • Maintain records storage of all emergency events.
  • Provide CLETS information to enforcement incidents.
  • Provide efficient and accurate method of processing civil processes.
  • Provide safety and enforcement of Solano County waterways.¬†
  • Detain and control pre-trial and sentenced inmates.
  • Provide for the health and welfare of inmates and staff.
  • Facilitate the mandated processing of inmate records and retention of same.
  • Coordinate related custody issues with criminal justice agencies.