Health Reports & Data

Data Sources

Frequently used data sources - last updated August 16, 2018

Disease Resources

    Reportable Communicable Diseases   - created February, 2019
     Pertussis Packet for Schools  - created February, 2019
     Control of Viral Gastroenteritis Outbreaks at Longterm Care Facilities   - created April, 2019

Public Health Data & Maps

    Solano County Health Data, by Indicator:

    Maternal Child & Adolescent Health Needs Assessment Report - created July, 2020
    Solano County Community Indicators - created August, 2019
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report Q1- created April, 2019
    2019 Solano County Health Status Report - created February, 2019
    Leading Causes of Death in Solano County - created January, 2019
    Solano County Opiates by the Numbers - created October, 2017
    Solano County Opiates - created October, 2017
Assault Rate by Zip Code - created January, 2017
    Lung Cancer Rate by Zip Code - created January, 2017
    Hypertension Rate by Zip Code - created January, 2017
    Mental Health Rate by Zip Codecreated January, 2017
    Stroke Rate by Zip Codecreated January, 2017
    Substance Abuse Rate by Zip Codecreated January, 2017

    Diabetes Rate by Zip Codecreated August, 2016
    Education Indicatorscreated August, 2016
    Heart Disease Rate by Zip Codecreated August, 2016
    Overweight & Obesity Rate by Zip Codecreated August, 2016

    Asthma Rate by Zip Codecreated May, 2016
    Food Environment Indicatorscreated May, 2016
    Food deserts by Census Tract - created May, 2016
    Life Expectancy Rates by Zip Codecreated May, 2016

    Breastfeeding Rates by Zip Codecreated April, 2016
    Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Rates by Zip Code & Race/Ethnicity - created April, 2016

Campaign Materials
Your Baby Matters - Solano County Coalition to Reduce Infant Death designed a English/Spanish brochure and posters to help educate the community about reducing the risk of SIDS. Posters are available in English, Spanish, and English featuring African American babies. Materials funded in part by the SIDS Alliance of Northern California.

Assessments & Reports
Solano County Community Health Assessment Report, 2020

The Solano County Community Health Needs Assessment is an assessment of population health among Solano County residents, highlighting key priority health needs to inform local public health programs, policies and partnerships. Solano Public Health and partner agencies identified eight priority health needs as points of focus in this report.

United Way Snapshot of Poverty: Solano County, 2018

The United Way Bay Area developed county reports as advanced reading for a listening tour conducted in early 2018 to enhance their efforts to end the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area. To read the report for Solano County, Click Here.