Quality Advisory Committee
 Representing  Members

Public Health Administration

  • Jose Caballero
  • Tara Scheuer
  • Ashley Cumpas
  • Mariana Munguia

 Emergency Services, Preparedness, Immunization & Communicable Disease (EPIC)

Health Promotion and Community Wellness (HPCW)

  • Dail Montanez
  • Rosario Manjarrez

Public Health Laboratory

  • Beatrix Kapusinszky
  • Rosa Cuevas

Maternal Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH)

  • Yolanda Bryant
  • Anquanitte Ortega

Nutrition Services

  • Victor Hernandez
  • Chris Husing

Older and Disabled Adult Services (ODAS)

  • Mike Watson
  • Vang Xiong