Strategic Plan

Solano Public Health’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan guides our work improving health and narrowing health disparities over the next five years.

Download the Solano Public Health 2023-2028 Strategic Plan here.

The 2023-2028 Strategic Plan has three main strategic areas:

  • Strategic Area 1: Collaboration
    • Goal: Public Health collaborates with new and existing community partners to close persistent gaps in health outcomes in Solano County.
    • Rationale: Community partnerships facilitate the mobilization of resources, draw upon the expertise of diverse stakeholders, and foster a collective approach to promoting health, preventing disease and improving well-being in every community.
  • Strategic Area 2: Homelessness
    • Goal: Collaborate with local stakeholders to acknowledge homelessness as a Public Health Issue in Solano County.
    • Rationale: Public Health can play a vital role in addressing and reducing homelessness. Collaboration maximizes the effectiveness and impact of interventions, and promotes system-level changes, and provides community education of services available.
  • Strategic Area 3: Internal Operations
    • Goal: Optimize our internal operations to create a more efficient, effective, and responsive Public Health Department.
    • Rationale: Public Health can systematically assess its actions, measure its performance, and evaluate the impact of its initiatives on the health outcomes of residents.
  • Previous Strategic Plans:

    2017 Strategic Plan