Public Health Reporting

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Public health reporting and data sharing through a concerted effort between Solano Public Health and our healthcare partners are critical to improving the health of the community.

Health Officer Letter regarding Public Health Reporting in Solano:

Letter to Medical Providers

Letter to Laboratory Directors

I. Statutory/ Mandatory Reporting to Solano Public Health

Reporting is crucial for disease surveillance, prevention and control and for the early detection of disease outbreaks; therefore, Solano Public Health requires the following to be reported:
Click on the following links for posters, forms and guidelines:
Confidentiality Morbidity Report Forms

    II. Voluntary Reporting to Solano Public Health (NEW)

    To provide a better understanding of the magnitude of health issues facing our county and to better target intervention and resource allocation, Solano Public Health is making the following voluntarily reportable:
    • Positive laboratory results for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
    • Positive laboratory results, including point-of-care devices, for ALL influenza, regardless of age or regardless of ICU admission or death;
    • De-identified negative laboratory results for all diseases per CCR Title 17 §2500, §2505, §2643.10 and §2643.5

    III. Meaningful Use Reporting to Solano Public Health

    To meet Meaningful Use reporting requirements to the public health authority, Solano Public Health is able to receive and process the following:
    • Stage 2 and Stage 3 Meaningful Use 2014 Edition, 2015 Edition and 2015-2017 Edition
    • Immunizations and bi-directional queries (QBP/RSP)
    • Syndrome Surveillance
    • Electronic Laboratory Reports
    • Electronic Case Reporting (NEW)
    • Public Health Reporting Registries (NEW)
      • Electronic Community Health Observations (ECHO). This includes community health indicator data, social determinants of health data, child developmental data, behavioral health data, and elderly risk screening data.
      • Cancer Data of Community Interest (CDCI). This includes Cancer Case Incident, electronic pathology results and cancer screening data sets.

    IV. Clarification on Bi-Directional Immunization Query/ Response and Meaningful Use

    Solano County recognizes that there are many factors that can impact the implementation of Bi-Directional Immunization query/response (QBP/RSP) messages including technical, resources, workflow, business priorities and overall value. As the Public Health authority, Solano Public Health will work with healthcare partners to ascertain if and/or when QBP/RSP should be implemented in Production. A healthcare partner may still meet Meaningful Use requirements, regardless of their QBP/RSP implementation status, provided the healthcare partner is in "Active Engagement" in testing with Solano Public Health.

    Meaningful Use Declaration (Oct 2013)
    Meaningful Use Declaration (Mar 2018) (NEW)

    For more information on Meaningful Use, including registration and specifications, email [email protected].

    Contact Us

    For questions about specific diseases, call the Solano Public Health Communicable Disease main line at 707-784-8001.
    For questions and more information about Statutory/Mandatory, Voluntary and Meaningful Use, including specifications, email
    [email protected].