Communicable Diseases Bureau provides timely detection, prevention, and control efforts for all reportable infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, HIV and other STDs and vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

What is Communicable Disease?
Communicable diseases are illnesses that spread from one person to another or from an animal to a person, or from a surface or a food. Diseases can be spread by:

  1. Physical contact with an infected person: touch, sexual intercourse, fecal/oral transmission, droplets
  2. Contact with contaminated surface or object: food, water, blood
  3. Bites from insects or animals capable of transmitting the disease (ex: mosquito or flea)
  4. Travel through the air

Public Health Reporting
Statutory/Mandatory Reporting to Solano Public Health
Reporting is crucial for disease surveillance, prevention and control, and for the early detection of disease outbreaks. Please click here for the list of required reporting.

Health Alerts
 11/28/2022 Reminder to Prescribe COVID-19 Therapeutics to Mitigate Impact of Winter Respiratory Surge
 10/7/2022 Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease Due to Sudan Virus in Central Uganda
 10/3/2022 Early Respiratory Syncytial Virus Activity and Use of Palivizumab
 8/30/2022 Variant Influenza Virus Infections: Recommendations for Identification, Treatment, and Prevention for Summer and Fall 2022

News Releases
5/18/22  California Streamlines Access to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment (CDC)

Programs & Resources
 Electron microscopic view of a coronavirus and its morphology.  A pregnant woman holding a condom package.
Coronavirus Disease 2019
COVID-19 Resources
Case Report Form
Sexually Transmissible Diseases (STDs) and HIV
STD and HIV Testing and Prevention
HIV Treatment and PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) 
 A photomicrograph revealing numerous, Gram-positive, rod-shaped, Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli.  CDC Clinic Chief Nurse, Lee Ann Jean-Louis, extracting a dose of Influenza Virus Vaccine.
Tuberculosis (TB)
TB Control Program
Hoja Informativa sobre la Tuberculosis (TB) 
Immunization Program
Immunization Information
 Aedes albopictus mosquito inserting her proboscis through the skin.  An image of a stethoscope.
Infectious Diseases
Mpox Resources
West Nile Virus
Other Reportable Diseases
For Health Providers
CMR Disease Reporting & Forms
Health Alerts and Information

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