LNU Lightning Complex Fire


Updated August 25, 2020 (updated @ 8:30 a.m.)

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**This map will continue to be updated**

Legend (click on the top-right corner of the page): 
RED - Evacuation zone
PINK - Estimated fire extent 
YELLOW - Evacuation warning


About the #LNUComplex Fire
The Solano County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) continues to monitor the #LNUComplex Fire.  The #LNUComplex Fire started on Tuesday evening, August 18, and has been burning through Solano, Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties for the past seven (7) days.  The fire has consumed more than 353,000 combined acres and is currently twenty-seven (27) percent contained.  A total of 50,000 of the combined acres burned is in Solano County.  At this time, 248 buildings in Solano County have been impacted.  Some good news - there is currently NO FIRE ACTIVITY in Solano County.

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Mandatory Evacuations
Visit the INTERACTIVE MAP to determine if you and your family need to evacuate.  Yellow is an evacuation warning zone, Red means leave immediately.  

Road Closures
Visit the INTERACTIVE MAP and turn on All Layers by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner "Layer List" button- check the boxes for "Road Closures"

Public Health Notices

Boil Water Notice
Visit the Solano Irrigation District (SID)'s website for up to date notices, and Rural North Vacaville https://rnvwd.com

Air Quality Alert
Air quality continues to be in the unhealthy range for many Solano regions. For the latest information about air quality on your area, visit AirNow.gov Children, older adults, women who are pregnant, and people with respiratory or heart conditions should be particularly careful to avoid exposure.
- Limit outdoor activity. Exercise increases the amount of air lungs intake by as much as 10 to 20 times, allowing pollution to travel deeper into the lungs.
- Stay indoors. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.
- Run your air conditioner and check your filters. If no air conditioner is available an it is too warm stay indoors consider visiting a place with air conditioning like friends, family, the mall or local library. Do not run swamp coolers or whole house fans.
- Keep indoor air clean. Avoid smoking, burning candles, frying foods or vacuuming.
- If you are having trouble breathing, seek medical assistance or call your primary care provider. People with asthma should follow their asthma management plan.

Reporting a Missing Person
If you are unable to get a hold of a loved one in Solano County, call (707) 784-1613 or (707) 784-1607

Questions about LNU "Lightning" Complex Fire
If you are unable to get a hold of a loved one in Solano County, call (707) 784-1634 or (707) 784-1635

Returning Home After a Wildfire
Do not return home until emergency officials determine it is safe. You will receive proper notification to do so as soon as it is possible, considering safety and accessibility.

  1. A plan for the persons in your family (including a meeting place.)
  2. Personal items (including toiletries, food and water for 2-3 days and special personal possessions.)
  3. Prescriptions- Have your full, current supply of prescriptions packed.
  4. Photographs (and other mementos) which cannot be replaced.
  5. Pets (Have a plan in place and pets secured so frightened pets don’t escape fenced yards or kennels.)
  6. Papers- Pack all important papers, including reference phone numbers, account numbers, etc. Now is the time to move persons with mobility or medical issues.
Evacuation Order
There is immediate threat to life. This is a lawful order to leave now. The area is lawfully closed to public access

If you would like to donate resources or money please contact: [email protected]

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