Prosecution Units

  • General Criminal - felony and misdemeanor cases which are not assigned to a specialized unit.  
  • Juvenile Crimes - cases involving juvenile offenders which are not assigned to a specialized unit.  
  • Homicide - murder cases. 
  • Prison Crimes - crimes committed on the grounds of the three state correctional institutions which are located in Solano County.   
  • Family Violence - cases involving sexual assault, statutory rape, domestic violence, and elder abuse.
  • Welfare Fraud - cases where the offender fraudulently obtained welfare or other social services benefits.  
  • Insurance Fraud - cases involving automobile insurance fraud and workers' compensation insurance fraud.
    (800) 690-9555 - toll free
    Download an informational brochure on automobile insurance fraud.
    Download an informational brochure on workers' compensation insurance fraud.  
  • Consumer and Environmental Crimes - civil and criminal cases involving consumer fraud as well as violations of environmental laws and regulations.
    (707) 784-6859  
  • Auto Theft - the District Attorney, as lead agency, along with the California Highway Patrol, the Sheriff, and several local police agencies have recently established a specialized unit to investigate and prosecute auto and other vehicle theft crimes.  
  • Real Estate Fraud - cases involving false notarizations, fraudulent real estate transactions, and various other crimes relating to real property.
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    Download an informational brochure on real estate fraud.