Kindness Campaign



Open to all 7th through 12th grade students in Solano County.  Submit a video between 30 seconds to two minutes in length that expresses what the power of kindness can accomplish in your community.  Hatred and bullying can pop up anywhere.  How can the power of kindness be used in our schools, homes and communities to make a positive difference?  If you had the power of kindness, what would you do with it?


-          Videos must be at least 30 seconds and no longer than two minutes long

-          Open to all Solano County students grades 7 – 12

-          Video contest must focus on how kindness can make a positive difference against bullying and negative behavior

-          Videos must include creator's names, school affiliation, and name of teacher or staff advisor with your entry


***Also include a short explanation of your video, either in the body of your email submission or attached as a word document.  For example, tell us about the inspiration for your project and provide the backstory if you feel it will aid the judging panel****


Contest Opens:  March 1, 2024

Submission Deadline:  April 24, 2024

Finalist will be invited to attend the ceremony on:  May 6, 2024

Submitting Videos:

Please submit your video by a shared link (Google drive, Dropbox, etc.) to [email protected] and the signed Media Photo Release Form. 

Please click here to download and print the "Media Photo Release Form".   

Also, if you are having trouble submitting the video through a shared link, please let us know at the e-mail address above and we can make accommodations. 

For More Information:

Contact us at [email protected].