Gang Injunction

The Solano County District's Office, in cooperation with the Fairfield Police Department, has obtained a preliminary civil injunction against the Norteño criminal street gang in the city of Fairfield. The injunction, issued by the Solano County Superior Court on July 24, 2009, prohibits certain public nuisance activity by gang members within a Safety Zone described below.

Civil Gang Injunction in Fairfield

According to the Solano County Superior Court's “Order Granting Preliminary Injunction,” the Safety Zone enjoining members of the Norteño criminal street gang is described as:

"located in the City of Fairfield, starting at Interstate 80 and Beck Avenue, east on I-80 to Airbase Parkway, east on Airbase Parkway to Heath Drive, north on Heath Drive to Dahlia Street, east on Dahlia Street to Orchid Street, north on Orchid Street to Atlantic, east on Atlantic to North Texas Street, continuing east on Cement Hill Road to Dover Avenue, south on Dover Avenue to Airbase Parkway, east on Airbase Parkway to the pedestrian over crossing, southwest on the Linear Trail Park to Dover Avenue, south on Dover Avenue to East Tabor Avenue, east on East Tabor Avenue to Sunset Avenue, south on Sunset Avenue to the railroad tracks (City Limit Line), southwest on the railroad tracks to Highway 12, west on Highway 12 to Beck Avenue, north on Beck Avenue to Interstate 80, and extending 100 yards to the outside of each of those boundary streets.”

Download the  Court's Order Granting Preliminary Injunction (PDF)

Safety Zone map:

How to 'Opt-Out' of the Gang Injunction

The District Attorney has established an administrative process by which individuals named in the civil gang injunction may petition to "opt out" from the court ordered provisions.