MHSA recognizes that one of the biggest challenges faced in getting supportive services is finding a stable home. Without such a home there is no safe place to cook food or sleep, no place for social workers or family to find you, and little likelihood that you will get your medications. Between 20 and 30% of the homeless population suffers from severe and persistent mental illness.

The MHSA Housing Program was created to encourage development of appropriate, affordable housing by providing long-term, low-interest loans and operating expense subsidies to developers of affordable housing to serve individuals with severe mental illness and their families.

Solano County received $3,868,400 for the MHSA Housing Program. Solano County currently has two housing projects in operation:

  • Signature at Fairfield opened February 2012. It is a 92-unit development that dedicates seven two-bedroom apartments for families, and three two-bedroom apartments to be shared by unrelated individuals. It was developed in conjunction with the City of Fairfield and the National Community Renaissance Corporation. Supportive services are provided by Caminar, Inc. All units are currently occupied.
  • Heritage Commons is a 60-unit development in Dixon that provides seven units for older adults with serious mental illness who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It was developed in cooperation with the City of Dixon and Davis Senior Housing associates.

The County continues to seek opportunities to develop housing for those who are affected by serious mental illness.

For information or application, please contact Meredith Webb at 707-784-8691.

Signature at Fairfield