What Is SFTS & How Do I Learn More?

Solano County Safe From The Start Initiative
Reducing Children's Exposure To Violence
The Office of Family Violence Prevention designed a workshop to provide parents, day care providers, educators, law enforcement personnel, and other professionals working with children and families, information on the critical adverse effects that violence has on the developing brain of the young child. Recent research has shown that children who have been chronically exposed to violence experience trouble sleeping, learning and forming attachments to people in their lives.

Very often, children who've been exposed to violence become adults who have difficulty maintaining relationships, are often substance abusers, and act out in violent ways. The Solano County Safe From The Start Project offers useable information on how to reduce children's exposure to violence and provide the opportunity to ensure these children have a chance at a happy, healthy adulthood.

For more information or for free training presentations please contact: 
Angel Aguilar at (707) 784-7635.