Elder Abuse Prevention

Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

We all know how important it is to protect our elders and others from abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, elder abuse and neglect is all too common. It is our collective responsibility to look out for one another and ensure that those, who may be experiencing abuse and neglect are protected. Below is a brochure from Solano County Adult Protective Services on Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect that provides important information about recognizing and reporting elder and dependent adult abuse.     

APS Brochure on Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

Tips to Avoid Financial Exploitation; A Guide for Seniors


Elder Abuse Shelters: A Growing Need?

Violet was an 86 year old with moderate dementia and difficulty navigating her home without the aid of a walker. She rented a room in her home to a male student who attended the local university. Violet's friends noticed changes in her behavior and bruising on her arms and neck. After an emergency room visit for a broken wrist, the concern was reported to APS, who investigated and quickly discovered Violet was being physically abused by her tenant. Violet needed to be moved quickly to a safe environment. Due to her confusion and medical needs, the local domestic violence shelter was unable to house her and provide the care and attention she required. Luckily, APS had formed a relationship with a local assisted living facility to act as an emergency shelter for abused older adults, and Violet was swiftly moved to the shelter where she was safe until a relative could come from out of town and move her to his home.

Situations such as Violet's are the reason why there appears to be growing interest in elder abuse shelters. Cases of elder abuse are growing along with the general increase in the older adult population. Traditional domestic violence shelters focus primarily on younger women of childbearing age, and cannot always accommodate an older adult who may be frail, suffer from dementia or both. Elder abuse shelters provide the services that an elder needs along with the ability to accommodate crisis situations that arise with little or no warning.

Elder abuse shelters can be a key component to an APS client's safety. Access more information at   http://www.napsa-now.org/resource-center/main/