Mission Statement
Welcome to the Solano County Probation Department

The Probation Department protects the community through services provided to the courts, victims and offenders. Whether you are on probation, a victim of crime, interested in a career in community corrections or just curious about the Probation Department, we hope you find this Website useful. The Departmental Functions section provides information about the services provided by each division of the department and includes drug testing hours. You will find an abundance of family violence related information in the Office of Family Violence Prevention section. You will find a link to currently available employment opportunities in the Recruitment section. If you are a student considering a career in probation or a related field, an internship is a great way to get hands on experience. Learn more in the College Internships Available section.

This is an exciting time in community corrections as we apply research findings to implement programs that have been proven to help clients change their behavior and become productive members of the community. We are always interested in receiving feedback from the community and those we serve, so please do not hesitate to contact us through the Contact Us section.

Mission Statement


  • Conducting investigations and providing recommendations for the court.
  • Enforcing court orders.
  • Pursuing victim restoration and advocacy.
  • Facilitating rehabilitation of clients.
  • Providing safe, secure, effective detention and treatment programs.


OUR DEPARTMENT IS COMMITTED to positively impacting the community by providing the highest quality services to the courts, victims and clients.



  • That our employees constitute our most valuable resource.
  • In delivering services in a culturally competent manner that respects the rights and dignity of individuals.
  • In providing quality services in a professional, accountable and fiscally responsible manner.


  • Goal One: Enhance, maintain, and deliver a high level of innovative and quality services and programs.
  • Goal Two: Ensure a sufficient number of well trained staff to fully accomplish the goals and mission of the Department.
  • Goal Three: Enhance and expand victims' services and the restoration of victims.
  • Goal Four: Improve and efficiently use relevant technology.
  • Goal Five: Advance communication and collaboration, internally and with partners.