How Are We Doing?

The County is committed to providing Solano residents with the highest quality of services possible within available resources. The latest countywide resident survey says that the County has been doing just that, with residents giving the County high marks in overall satisfaction and customer service.  As always, there is room for improvement.

One of the many ways the County is working to maintain its high customer service standards is through seeking ongoing feedback from residents. An online survey has been developed to give residents a convenient way to let the County know how it is doing.  The surveys capture information on the latest interaction with a department, which can be in person, on the phone, in writing, or over the Internet.  Click
here to take the survey. 

Highlights of the online survey, as of August 10, 2012, include:

  • 72% reported being very or somewhat satisfied with the overall performance of the County in providing services
  • In assessing their last interaction with the County, respondents reported very satisfied or somewhat satisfied in the following categories:
    • 60% - Overall experience
    • 68% - Professionalism of staff
    • 66% - Courtesy of staff
    • 64% - Timeliness of response or answer to your issue or question
    • 61% - Resolution of issue or question
  • 55% reported the experience was the same or better than previous interactions with the County
  • In assessing their satisfaction with the County's website, respondents reported very satisfied or somewhat satisfied in the following categories:
    • 75% - Overall experience with the County website
    • 75% - Ease of accessing the website
    • 75% - Ease of navigating through the website
    • 73% - Finding the information you need
    • 75% - Usefulness of the information provided

The County conducted a Countywide Residents Survey in 2008, which reported 78% of respondents stated they were satisified with County services and programs and 91% reported favorably on the County's customer service.