November – Family Support

All families need support and no one can do it alone. it can be hard to know where to turn or how to navigate the system when help is needed. Help me Grow Solano is here to help! Help Me Grow Solano is an information and referral service that helps parents with children ages zero to five. Help Me Grow Solano will provide parents with knowledge about local resources that the family requires and help steer them through the process as needed. Child care providers, early educators, and heath care providers can direct parents to Help Me Grow Solano to get the assistance they need. The Family Navigators at Help Me Grow Solano can help families by listening to their concerns, assessing both the child and family’s needs, and providing them with information and referrals to the appropriate resources

They provide support for many different resources including:

  • Basic needs such as food and housing
  • Physical and social development resources
  • Parenting
  • Childcare
  • Doctors and health insurance
  • Support for families with children who have special needs
Help Me Grow Solano is a free service for the community. You can reach them by calling their toll free number at 844-501-KIDS(5437) or by visiting their website here. Parents, child care providers, early educators, and heath care providers now have a point of access to services for all young children living in Solano County.

Help Me Grow Solano