July – School Readiness

Kindergarten or preschool is right around the corner! While this can be a new and exciting time, it can also be a scary one too. You may have questions about whether your child is ready for school or your child may express fears about going to school. Here are some suggestions to make the transition easier for everyone:

  • Visit the school and if possible meet the teacher before school starts
  • Talk about what is going to happen the first day of school. Children are less anxious when they know what to expect.
  • Adjust to new bedtimes and waking up times a few weeks before school begins.
  • Read books together about starting school, ask your librarian for suggestions
  • Avoid things that will upset your child on the first day of school. Let them pick out their clothes and snack and don’t force them to eat a big breakfast.
  • When dropping off your child avoid crying, instead give them a hug and smile and tell them you will see them later.

Your child is gaining independence! Enjoy these first steps into school as it is a special moment in their childhood.

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