September is for Making Memories

“Children make your life important.” – Erma Bombeck

Every minute you spend with your child is an opportunity to help them grow and develop. By spending quality time together and choosing activities you can help your child and make lifelong memories.

Activities to do Together:


Talking, reading, and singing to your baby because this help with brain development.
-          Spend time holding and cuddling your baby to make them feel love and secure.


Encourage independence by letting them pick out clothes to wear or by feeding themselves.
-          Encourage curiosity by asking them to point out certain objects, such as animals or colors.
-          Sing songs with your child or have them sing to you.


Let your child help with simple chores, such as clearing the table.
-          Play with your child and teach them to share things with others.
-          Give your child simple choices, such as what game they want to play.

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