Board of Supervisors


The Board of Supervisors generally meets on the first, second, and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Solano County Administration Center 675 Texas Street in Fairfield. The Board will occasionally schedule meetings at night or in other locations, depending on County business and public needs.  Click on Board Rules and Procedures for information on how Board meetings are conducted.


The Solano County Board of Supervisors consists of five supervisorial districts. District 1 consists of approximately one half of the City of Vallejo in the northern section. District 2 includes the City of Benicia, approximately one half of the City of Vallejo in the southern section, Cordelia, and Green Valley. District 3 is made up of portions of the City of Suisun and a large portion of the City of Fairfield. District 4 includes a large part of the City of Vacaville, the City of Dixon and the City of Rio Vista. District 5 includes a portion of the eastern section of the City of Suisun, the northern section of Fairfield, a portion of the eastern part of the City of Vacaville, the City of Rio Vista, and the Elmira area.


Supervisors are elected by district to four-year terms. Supervisors' terms are staggered -- two Supervisors are elected in one general election, and three Supervisors in the next. District boundaries are adjusted after every federal census to equalize district population as closely as possible.