School-Based Mobile Crisis

School-Based Mobile Crisis Team

In addition to Community-Based Mobile Crisis Services, Solano BH has contracted with the Solano County Office of Education (SCOE) as a result of the the Mental Health Student Services Act (MHSSA) grant award of $4 Million across 5 years, which expands mental health services and supports for students in K-12 school sites across Solano County. The MHSSA Grant supports the enhancement and expansion of training for school personnel, parents/caretakers and students in recognizing the signs of mental health conditions, stigma reduction and suicide prevention for Solano school districts and charter schools. Additionally, this grant supports the enhancement of districts’ crisis protocols as well as the implementation of a specialized school-based mobile crisis team to respond to student crises on school campuses during the school day. SCOE provides crisis screenings and assessments for middle and high school students identified to be at risk for dropping out of school, for participating school districts and charter schools as well as crisis intervention focusing on de-escalation. School sites and personnel are the primary referral source for the SCOE School-Based Mobile Crisis Services.