Solano County Ag Pass Program
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The Solano County Ag Pass Program facilitates the safety and continuity of commercial livestock and agricultural businesses, including agricultural processors and horse stables, before and during natural disaster events.  The program verifies the commercial status of livestock producers, agriculturalists, agricultural processors and horse stable operators and provides disaster preparedness and response training.  Once verified and trained, commercial operators are preemptively issued Ag Passes so agricultural properties and businesses within evacuation areas may be accessed during natural disasters for performance of essential livestock care, crop management and processing activities. 

Possession of an Ag Pass conditionally permits qualifying commercial livestock producers, agriculturalists, processors and horse stable operators, and/or their managerial employees, to enter evacuation areas to:

  • Shelter, transport, evacuate, feed/water and administer livestock veterinary care;
  • Perform essential crop management and agricultural activities; and,
  • Provide, upon request, support to emergency personnel (such as identifying access roads and water points).

Possession of an Ag Pass does not guarantee access to evacuation areas during emergency events.  The incident commander will determine when conditions are suitable to allow access to evacuation areas.

Solano Ag Pass Program Policy


  1. Verify that you are eligible to participate in the program
  2. Submit an online application (link below)
  3. Upon receipt of application and confirmation of eligibility the Ag Department will schedule you to attend the required Incident Safety for Agricultural and Livestock Producers training
  4. Attend required training January 23 and February 27.  Trainings will be held in-person at the County Event Center and County Administrative Center in Fairfield—Ag Department staff will call you to schedule your training date.
  5. Obtain your Ag Pass from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office

The following commercial businesses are eligible to participate in the Ag Pass Program:

  • Commercial Livestock Producers (Business consisting of 10 head of livestock or 50 poultry or rabbits)
  • Commercial Agriculturalists (Business producing fruit, nut, seed, vegetable, nursery and/or field crops)
  • Beekeeper (Registered beekeeper with 10 or more bee colonies)
  • Ag Processor/Winery (Facility with a valid County-issued business license and use permit)
  • Horse Stable (Facility with a valid County-issued business license and use permit)

If you don't meet these criteria the Solano Community Animal Response team is available to assist with disaster preparedness and response.  Please visit for more information.

Commercial business owner/operators and managerial employees are eligible to obtain Ag Passes.
Approved commercial businesses may have a maximum of 10 total staff in an evacuation area at one time under escort and supervision of a business owner or managerial employee with a valid Ag Pass.  Prior to escorting employees into an evacuation area, a business owner or managerial employee must provide a roster of all employees entering an evacuation area under their supervision to a peace officer or emergency personnel at a designated checkpoint.  The incident commander may restrict the number of employees accessing an evacuation area as conditions warrant. 

Applicants must complete State Fire Marshall approved Incident Safety for Agricultural and Livestock Producers training.  Additional continuing education training is required to recertify commercial producers every two years.

Ag Passes are valid for two years with a uniform expiration date of May 31st.  Each year, changes in managerial employee status and to site information listed on passes must be reported to the Agriculture Department.


  • English Application link
  • Spanish Application link


    January 23, 2024
    8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
    Solano County Event Center
    601 Texas Street

    February 27, 2024
    1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Solano County Administrative Center
    Room 1600
    675 Texas Street