Why Is This Important?

A community’s standard of living can be estimated by the value of the region’s median household and per capita income. Per capita income rises when a region generates wealth faster than its population increases. We can learn more about the concentrations of income by examining household income distribution and trends over time.

How Are We Doing?
Prosperity has been growing in Solano County, and incomes have been holding up better in the county than statewide. Between 2000 and 2008, median household income in the county increased 17 percent more than California and 35 percent more than nationally. Just since 2007, household earnings grew 2 percent while statewide, median household income dropped 2 percent. The median household income in Solano County was $69,925 in 2008. Compared to Solano’s top five commuter counties (where Solano County residents work), Contra Costa County has the highest median household income of $77,828, and median household earnings in Sacramento and Napa Counties were below Solano’s.

In terms of total income per person in the county, recent losses in average personal income have been smaller than statewide and nationally. Since 2000, per capita income in Solano County has increased by 9 percent and only 4 percent statewide. Between 2008 and 2009, income losses have been widespread; however, per capita income decreased 1 percent in Solano County and 2 percent in both California and the United States.