We are Growing more Slowly

Since 2006, Solano’s population has grown by a half percent annually while the state has maintained annual growth just above 1 percent and the rest of the Bay Area has been climbing toward 1.5 percent

How We Are Doing

Educational outcomes are under threat. Although traditional high school dropout rates are falling, our educational outcomes are under threat as graduation rates and college preparedness decline.

Crime is slowing. After a recent spike, crime rates are returning to Solano County’s longer term downward trend.

Health insurance is stressed. Compared to the state, Solano County residents are more likely to have health insurance; however, the percentage of residents who are insured through their employers dropped from 77 to 64 percent.

Home affordability is improving. Foreclosure rates have fallen but remain high. As a result of falling home prices, more potential first-time buyers are able to purchase homes. While sales are rising, prices are remaining flat.

New public investment is on hold. Bonding to finance public projects has fallen sharply; however, the potential to access federal stimulus dollars and state infrastructure bonds could bring public projects and the associated construction jobs to Solano County.