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Solano360, a 149 acre, 1.7 million square-foot mixed-use site approved specific plan located in the City of Vallejo, Solano County, California.

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County Headlines
Public Health officials warn against drinking raw milk due to risk of bird flu
SOLANO COUNTY - Public health officials in Solano and Yolo counties are advising residents to refrain from consuming raw milk or raw dairy products, such as raw-milk cheese, due to the recent detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1), commonly known as bird flu, in dairy cows and their milk.

Aedes aegypti mosquito detected in Solano County; help prevent the transmission of vector-borne diseases
SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Department of Health and Social Services, Public Health division, in coordination with the Solano County Mosquito Abatement District (SCMAD), has confirmed the first detection of Aedes aegypti mosquito in Solano County in 2024. The mosquito was collected in April 2024 in Dixon. This invasive mosquito was first detected in Solano County over a year ago, also in Dixon.

Court, County appoint Farrah as Chief Probation Officer
SOLANO COUNTY – After a nationwide recruitment, the Solano County Superior Court, in coordination with Solano County Board of Supervisors, is pleased to announce that Dean Farrah has been selected as Chief Probation Officer for Solano County. Farrah, who has been serving as the department's Interim Chief of Probation for the past six months, assumed the new role on April 28, 2024.


Solano County challenges youth to fight fentanyl with ‘One Pill Can Kill’ video contest
Solano County - Building on its campaign to inform the public about high overdose rates and the growing dangers of fentanyl cloaked as prescription drugs, Solano Public Health has launched its first "One Pill Can Kill" Video Contest. This initiative invites Solano County youth to create compelling videos that raise awareness of the risks of fentanyl-laced pills and promote healthier choices. Winning high school and college students can earn up to $1,500 for their efforts.

County recognizes Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Week, 2024
SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Health & Social Services, Public Health division, will join communities worldwide to observe Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Awareness Week beginning April 14 through April 20, 2024. STI Awareness Week raises awareness about the global impacts of STIs, normalizes sexual health by reducing STI-related barriers of stigma, fear and discrimination, as well as increases access to quality STI prevention, education, testing and treatment. While certain populations are at higher risk for STIs, it can affect anyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

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