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Solano Agricultural Department now accepting applications for new Ag Pass program

April 5, 2023

SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for the County’s newly adopted Ag Pass program.  The Board of Supervisors recently approved the program to proactively help the local agricultural community prepare for natural disasters.  The program trains and preemptively issues a pass to commercial farmers, ranchers, ag processors and horse stable operators so they may enter evacuation areas to care for crops and livestock during emergency events.  

“The Ag Pass program is a cooperative effort between the Agriculture Department, Sheriff’s Office and local ag community to plan in advance for emergencies,” says Ed King, Solano County Agricultural Commissioner.  “Farmers and ranchers are uniquely affected by natural disasters.  This program provides emergency responders a tool to permit preapproved ag producers access into evacuation areas to protect livestock, irrigate crops and perform other essential farm and ranch tasks.”  

Although possession of an Ag Pass preapproves farmers and ranchers to enter evacuation areas during emergencies, there may be times when conditions will not allow for safe access.  Emergency responders retain the right to enforce road closures and prevent access into restricted areas to protect imminent threats to life and property.  

Commercial agricultural business owners and managerial employees interested in obtaining Ag Passes must apply with the Agriculture Department.  Eligible participants will be required to attend an Incident Safety for Agricultural and Livestock Producers training.  The Agriculture Department, County Office of Emergency Services and CalFIRE will be holding trainings on April 21 and April 27 (in English) and May 2 (in Spanish) at the County Event Center in Fairfield.  These will be the only trainings offered this year.  Ag Passes will not be issued again until 2024.  

To apply online please visit the Ag Pass website.  For more information call (707) 784-1310, or email [email protected].