Pesticide Container Recycling Program

PURPOSE: To safely collect and recycle agricultural crop protection, animal health and specialty pest control product containers at no charge to Solano County growers and commercial applicators.

Pesticide Container Recycling information  


Solano County Agricultural Inspectors will be checking loads to determine if containers are acceptable for recycling.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Complete the Pesticide Container Triple Rinse Certification form and bring to event
  • Cut containers 15 gallons or larger into quarters 
  • Puncture containers as per Health and Safety Code Section 25201.5
  • No plastic lids 
  • No labels, booklets or plastic sleeves 
  • No cardboard boxes 
  • No PVC pipe or plastic tubing 
  • COVER YOUR LOAD! Solano County Code Section 23-37(b) 
  • You are responsible for transferring containers from personal vehicle to designated area


    What types of empty containers are accepted for recycling?

    All non-refillable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic crop protection and specialty pesticide product containers in sizes up to and including 55 gallons that are triple or pressure rinsed.

    Why do I have to triple or pressure rinse the containers?

    To be RECYCLABLE, the law requires containers to be properly rinsed of all residues and dried.

    How do I make sure the containers are properly rinsed?


    How are the containers recycled?

    After the event, the recycler ( will chip the containers and ready the material for sale to end-users who make field drainpipe, parking stop bumpers and variable electrical conduit as approved by


    Solano County Department of Agriculture

    Office Address: 2543 Cordelia Road, Fairfield, CA  94534

    Mailing Address: 675 Texas Street, Fairfield, CA  94533

    (707) 784-1310


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Agricultural Recycling Information

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