General Information
Hazardous Materials and Waste
The Solano County Department of Environmental Management is the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) for all cities and unincorporated areas within the county. The CUPA was created by the State Legislature to minimize the number of inspections and different fees businesses deal with. The CUPA manages these programs:

Conducts the permitting and inspection of businesses that handle quantities of hazardous materials/waste greater than or equal to 55 gallons, 500 pounds or 200 cubic feet of a compressed gas at any time. There are an estimated 1,200 businesses in Solano County regulated by this program.

In conjunction with the Hazardous Materials Business Plan Program, staff inspects businesses for compliance with the Hazardous Waste Control Act. In addition, the Division responds to complaints of illegal disposal of hazardous waste. Inspects businesses that treat hazardous waste pursuant to permit by rule, conditional authorization, or conditional exemption.

Hazardous Materials Management Plans address emergency response to incidents involving hazardous materials handled by a business over 55 gallons, 500 pounds or 200 cubic feet of gas. Plans include an inventory of hazardous materials (link to Solano County Hazardous Materials Annual Inventory forms) which is updated annually. Hazardous materials may be new or waste materials that are toxic, reactive, ignitable or corrosive.
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste is subject to storage time limits, disposal requirements, and labeling requirements on containers. Most hazardous waste may be stored for only 90 days but there are exceptions for small quantity generators under certain circumstances. Hazardous wastes are reported on the annual inventory of hazardous materials as part of the HMMP. Questions on this program may be addressed to: the Department of Resource Management, Hazardous Materials Section, (707) 784-6765.

Hazardous Materials Consultant List
Trauma Scene Contractors
Risk Management and Prevention Program
Conducts the permitting and inspection of businesses that handle acutely hazardous materials.

There are certain regulated substances that require extensive emergency planning. The most common regulated substances found in the county requiring a RMP are chlorine and ammonia. There are over 400 other chemicals that may require the RMP. Some businesses shall provide their RMP to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the County Environmental Management office no later than June 21, 1999. The RMP regulations are available from the California Office of Emergency Services. A few businesses shall submit their RMP to the Environmental Management office within 18 months of notification by the County. Questions on this program may be addressed to this office.

Risk Management Consultant List
Underground Storage Tanks
Conducts the permitting and inspection of underground tanks that store hazardous materials. There are an estimated 200 sites throughout the County that are the responsibility of this program.

Under a contract with the State Water Resources Control Board, conducts the Local Oversight Program, to oversee the abatement and cleanup of releases of hazardous substances from underground storage tanks.

All UST are subject to monitoring for leakage. Most tanks are double walled and are equipped with electronic systems to detect leaks. All tanks are permitted annually by the County Environmental Management Dept. All new tanks and tank repairs are permitted for installation by Environmental Management. View the permit application. Tank closures are also permitted and supervised by the Environmental Management. View this permit application.
More about underground storage tank remediation
Above Ground Storage Tanks
Conducts inspections of all above ground tanks which exceed 660 gallons or a combined total of 1,320 gallons per site.
Tanks over 660 gallons or 1320 gallons combined, containing petroleum products, are required to prepare a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan. The plan is kept on site and is subject to inspection by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). A storage statement shall also be filed with the SWRCB. The County will check to see if the plan is available on site.
Emergency Response
Responds to hazardous materials emergency incidents and provides technical assistance to the incident commander.

While not a facet of CUPA the role of Environmental Management in an emergency response is to provide technical assistance to the incident commander at emergencies involving hazardous substances. Our capabilities include some hazard categorization. We do not have a hazardous materials team capable of Level A entry into a hot zone. Those resources can be called upon from CDF Napa, UC Davis or Sac City Fire Dept.
Illegal Disposal/Complaints
The Department responds to hazardous substances complaints. Most complaints deal with illegal disposal of hazardous substances. Investigations are confidential until completion at which time records become public. Contact us at (707) 784-6765 to report illegal disposal of hazardous material and waste. In addition, you may contact the State of California hotline at 1-800-69-TOXIC to report illegal disposal of hazardous waste.