Public Defender's Social Workers

Our office has the tools to connect you to services and resources that will help you get back on the right path:

  • Mental Health Support
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Re-entry Support
  • Social Work & Referrals
  • Juvenile & Family Support

Here’s How We Can Help You…….

We help clients when they are incarcerated and those who are in the community receiving services from the Public Defender’s Office.

We support our work with the Public Defender Attorneys by providing written documentation to inform the court of how to best meet the needs of our clients.

Social Workers provide case management services, assistance with helping clients find program placements and connection to supportive services in their communities.

We educate Public Defender clients and family members about the criminal process and assist in overcoming barriers to accessing services.

And we also…..

Provide testimony in Solano County Courts on behalf of Public Defender clients when requested to do so by their attorney.

Our Social Workers maintain accurate information about local government and community-based resources to facilitate client referrals to services.

Public Defender Social Workers are committed to staying up to ongoing training and continuing education related to reentry services, changes in the criminal justice arena, changes and advances in mental health provision, new developments in trauma-informed care, and other information regarding services for clients.

Our Social Workers help our clients succeed. If you are a client and would like assistance from one of our Social Workers, please contact your
Deputy Public Defender.