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March is National Nutrition Month

Eat smart from the start!

Kids are born all different sizes and weights. Some grow faster and bigger than others. And some eat more or less than others. It can be challenging knowing whether your child is getting the adequate nutrition she needs to stay healthy, especially if your little one is starting to become a choosy eater. One way to know if your child is growing is to ask yourself whether she enjoys eating and has the energy to play. If you're concerned about your child's growth and development visit your child's pediatrician or call Help Me Grow Solano, a one-stop resource and referral call line, to get connected to resources.

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March's recommended book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

A small caterpillar emerges from an egg and begins eating everything in sight. Finally, it is no longer hungry and no longer small. Read through this picture book as It follows the life cycle of a caterpillar, coming out of its egg, all the way to becoming a butterfly. This book not only has beautiful illustrations of fruits and vegetables, but also teaches the days of the week and counting up to five. Make an appointment to visit your local library to check it out this book and many other great books about healthy eating and nutrition.

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