Guidance for Industries


The latest Health Order reflects changes 1) amend Exhibit A to align criteria for childcare services with state guidance and directives; 2) amend Exhibit B, Appendix B to allow reusable bags; and 3) amend Exhibit C, Appendices C-1, C-2 and C-5 to reference recent state directives and industry guidance for restaurants, wineries, bars, hair salons, barbershops and personal care services to operate outdoors, for bars to operate only if a meal is sold with alcohol service, and for restaurants and wineries to provide alcohol service only with a meal.


The previous Health Order reflects changes effective July 13, 2020 in which the Governor orders immediate shutdown of additional business sector indoor operations in Solano County; across the state, due to rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Signages to remind staff and customers about physical distancing
Practice Physical Distancing
(English, Spanish, Tagalog) 
CDC Stop the Spread of Germs
(English) (Spanish) (Tagalog) (combined languages)
Written Plan Entrance Sign for Reopening Businesses (Written Plan Entrance Sign) 
COVID-19 customer entry self-certification  (English) (Spanish) (Tagalog)
COVID-19 employee entry self-certification (English)

State and local guidance
Here are state and local guidance for businesses and services to review and develop protocols for reopening safely.

Additional Industry Guidance can be found here:

Date  Industry  State Guidance  Local Guidance
07/20/2020 Personal Care Services (nail salons, tattoo parlors, esthetician services and massage therapy) State Local (REVISED)
06/16/2020   Professional Sports without Live Audience
(See state guidance on professional sports)
State Local
06/12/2020 Campgrounds, RV Parks and Outdoor Recreation State Local
06/12/2020     Day Camps State Local
06/12/2020   Satellite Wagering Facilities and Racetracks State Local
06/12/2020 Schools and School-based Programs State
06/08/2020 Hotels, Lodging and Short-Term Rentals State Local
07/13/2020 Fitness Facilities                    State Local 
07/01/2020 Museums, Galleries, Zoos and Aquariums State Local 
07/01/2020 Family Entertainment Centers and Movie Theaters             State Local 
07/20/2020 Solano County Social Distancing Protocol State Local
07/20/2020 Restaurants, Wineries and Breweries including Tasting Rooms and Tap Rooms State Local (REVISED)
07/20/2020 Hair Salons and Barbershops State Local (REVISED)
07/13/2020 Places of Worship State Local
(Low-Risk guidance)
07/13/2020 Retail Stores     State
(Low-Risk guidance)
07/13/2020 Shopping Centers State
(Low-Risk guidance)
Can reopen Routine appointments for healthcare services State
Rev 06/07/2020 Golf Courses NA Local
Essential Previously Designated Essential Activities NA Local (REVISED)
Essential   Childcare State Local
Essential Long-term Care Facilities NA Local
07/28/2020 Employer Guidance NA Local
07/29/2020 Agriculture and Livestock State NA
07/29/2020 Automobile Dealerships and Rentals State NA
07/29/2020 Cardrooms, Satellite Wagering Facilities, and Racetracks State NA
07/29/2020 Communications Infrastructure State NA
07/29/2020 Delivery Services State NA
07/29/2020 Dine-in Restaurants State NA
07/29/2020 Energy and Utilities State NA
07/29/2020 Expanded Personal Care Services State NA
07/29/2020 Food Packing and Processing State NA
07/29/2020 Hair Salons and Barbershops State NA
07/29/2020 Hotels and Lodging State NA
07/29/2020 Life Sciences State NA
07/29/2020 Limited Services State NA
07/29/2020 Logistics and Warehousing Facilities State NA
07/29/2020 Manufacturing State NA
07/29/2020 Mining and Logging State NA
07/29/2020 Office Workspaces State NA
07/29/2020 Outdoor Museums and Galleries State NA
07/29/2020 Ports State NA
07/29/2020 Public and Private Passenger Carriers, Transit, and Intercity Passenger Rail State NA
07/29/2020 Real Estate Transactions State NA
07/29/2020 Restaurants providing takeout, drive=through, and delivery State NA
Additional Additional Industry Guidance:

Reminders for the Community
All community members are still asked to follow the same guidelines of staying home as much as possible, practicing 6-feet physical distancing between others, wearing a cloth face covering when out in public settings, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue, and washing or sanitizing hands frequently throughout the day.