Redistricting is the redrawing or adjusting of electoral district boundaries following the federal Census to account for population shifts and growth during the previous decade. The redistricting process is governed by the U.S. Constitution, state and federal law.

California Elections Code § 21500 requires the Board of Supervisors to adjust the Supervisorial district boundaries every ten years following the federal Census so that the districts are as nearly equal in population as possible and comply with the Voting Rights Act. The County’s redistricting process includes opportunity for public review and input.

The Board of Supervisors has held public hearings on the Approved Redistricting Plan and the ordinance adjusting and setting the boundaries of the supervisorial districts.  The next step is the final adoption of the ordinance on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 in the Board Chambers, 675 Texas Street in Fairfield.

Clicking on the Online Searchable Redistricting Map will allow you to drill down to street level detail as well as overlay maps to compare alternatives. 

Clicking on the map will give you a pdf version of the large display maps available for viewing at the Registrar of Voters Office. To best understand the pdf maps below, print the descriptions of the alternatives so they are available as you examine the map online.  The maps are designed for large plotters and will not print well to standard printers. 

Approved Redistricting Plan 

Redistricting Alternative A

Redistricting Alternative B

Redistricting Alternative C

Redistricting Alternative D

Redistricting Alternative E

Redistricting Current Districts

Agenda Items from Board of Supervisor Meetings on Redistricting