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Solano County hires new Veteran Service Officer

March 1, 2022

SOLANO COUNTY – County officials are pleased to announce that Alfred Sims will be joining the County’s management team as the new Director of the Solano County Veteran Service Office (VSO).  Starting Monday, March 28, he will assume leadership over the department responsible for helping veterans and their dependents gain access to the benefits and services they have earned as part of their military service career.  Mr. Sims joins the County with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Federal and County Veteran Service Office programs. 

Mr. Sims will be responsible for overseeing a staff of Veteran Benefit Representatives and providing strategic direction and oversight to the department’s operations, including its budget.  Additionally, the new VSO will oversee the department’s comprehensive benefit, counseling and claims preparation process, which includes public outreach to veterans and their dependents, and the maintenance of mutually beneficial working relationships with the US Department of Veteran Affairs, the California Department of Veteran Affairs and Travis Air Force Base.  

efore joining Solano County, Mr. Sims was the Veteran Service Officer for the City and County of San Francisco where he oversaw a staff of Benefit Claims Representatives, developed and implemented procedural policies, and the benefits claim process.  He is a Certified Veterans Claim Representative and a veteran of the U.S. Military Service.   

Solano County veterans and their dependents are encouraged to visit the Solano County Veteran Service Office for eligible benefits and services, including, but not limited to survivor benefits, medical benefits, educational programs, monetary benefit programs, home loan programs, property tax exemptions, burial benefits and much more.  Visit or call (707) 784-6590.