Position Letters - 2013
Section UL
CONCERNS AB 25 (Campos) Employment-social media
OPPOSE AB 218 (Dickinson) - Employment applications-criminal history
OPPOSE AB 5 (Ammiano) Homelessness
OPPOSE AB 194 (Campos) - Open Meetings-Protections for Public Criticism-Penalties for Violations
OPPOSE AB 616 (Bocanegra) - Local public employee organizations-dispute-factfinding panel
OPPOSE AB 741 (Brown) Local government finance-tax equity allocation formula-qualifying cities
OPPOSE SB 199 (de Leon) - Probation-community corrections
SUPPORT AB 182 (Buchanan and Hueso) - Bonds-school districts and community college districts
SUPPORT AB 197 (Stone) CalWORKS Vehicle Asset Test
SUPPORT AB 935 (Frazier) WETA Board Revised
SUPPORT ACA 8 (Blumenfield) - Local government financing-voter approval
SUPPORT SB 122 (Lieu) - Drivers Licenses-Veteran Designation
SUPPORT SB 328 (Knight) Counties-public works contracts
SUPPORT SB 42 (Wolk) The California Clean, Secure Water Supply and Delta Recovery Act of 2014
SUPPORT SB 735 (Wolk) - Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009-multispecies conservation plans
SkipThompsonPILT-Letter to Governor 10-28-2013
SUPPORT AB 531 (Frazier) Drivers License Veterans Designation
SUPPORT IF AMENDED AB 720 (Skinner) Inmates-Health Care Enrollment
SUPPORT AB 639 (Perez) - Veterans Housing and Homeless Protection Act
SUPPORT SB 191 (Padilla) - Pediatric Trauma Care
SUPPORT SB 283 (Hancock) - CalWORKs and CalFresh Eligibility
SUPPORT SB 296 (Correa) Veteran Services Officers