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COVID-19 Solano County CCW

As you are all aware with the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus), many areas of our professional and personal lives have been affected.  At the Sheriff’s Office we are concerned for everyone’s wellbeing, we have been practicing social distancing, proper hygiene protocols (

To help reduce and contain the COVID-19 virus, at this time we are conducting phone interviews for initial CCW applications. 

We will continue processing all initial, renewal and modification requests. However pickups will be limited to one day a week.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions placed on business there has been some confusion if we are restricting CCW training. Solano County Sheriff’s Office is not prohibiting our approved training providers from providing training for our citizen’s but we expect them to follow the CDC protocols and guidelines regarding COVID-19 ( It is recommended that they keep class sizes to a minimum and practice social distancing.

We are advising that all required paperwork be submitted via the “Order Tracker” ( feature of the online application process or mail the requested documents to;

Solano County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Deputy Pinder
530 Union Ave., Suite 100
Fairfield CA, 94533

If you have questions or concern please contact me at [email protected] or (707)784-7034. 

On behalf of the Solano County Sheriff’s Office stay healthy, please take a look at the CDC prevention protocols (


Appointments to turn in CCW applications can only be made by using the following link

To reach the CCW coordinator email [email protected]

The Sheriff may issue a concealed weapons license to law-abiding residents of Solano County who is not prohibited from possessing, owning, or purchasing a firearm capable of being concealed upon his or her person, and comply with the provision of Penal Code Section §26150(a).

In accordance to PC §26150(a), and subject to department procedures, residents of Solano County may submit an application to the Sheriff’s CCW Coordinator.

Applications will be individually investigated.   An applicant interview may be required as part of this investigation.

Applicants should be reminded that all information disclosed in the application may be subject to public disclosure.

Applicants are encouraged to read the application packet in its entirety.  Pay special attention to the following sections:

  1. Section 4 – CCW License Conditions and Restrictions
  2. Section 5 – Applicable California Penal Code Sections
  3. Section 6 – Agreement to Restriction and to Hold Harmless
  4. Page 12-13 – Firearms Prohibiting Categories

The initial application process consists of a series of steps.  These steps are defined in the instruction sheet available on this webpage.  Application processing times vary.  

The Sheriff may place a restriction on any license that the Sheriff deems warranted.  The restriction/s may include the time, place, manner, and circumstances under which the licensee may carry the weapon.

The possession of a license to carry a concealed weapon is a privilege, not a right, and as such is subject to revocation whenever deemed necessary by either the Sheriff or the California Attorney General's Office.

The possession of a license to carry a concealed weapon does not exempt any individual from criminal prosecution or civil liability, other than the act of carrying the specific firearm within the State of California.

The issuance of a license to carry a concealed weapon does not excuse or justify any behavior that might otherwise be a violation of any law pertaining to weapons.

You may apply by utilizing the current state application form.  This form, as well as application instructions, is available on this webpage.  For questions not answered in the instructions, please contact the CCW Coordinator, at 707-784-7034 during normal business hours.  Inquiries can also be sent to [email protected] .

To apply for a new CCW license within Solano County

  • Download , review, and follow Sheriff Instructions - Initial Application 
  • Fill out the State Application BOF 4012 Rev 11 2012 by clicking on the link below

Solano County Initial CCW Instructions

 To apply for a CCW license renewal within Solano County:

  • Download , review, and follow Sheriff Instructions - Renewal
  • Submit your renewal application packets at least 60 days prior to current permit expiration date, however you can submit your renewal application  6 months before its expiration date.
  • Fill out the State Application BOF 4012 Rev 11 2012 by clicking on the link below

Solano County Renewal CCW Instructions

To apply for a CCW license modification within Solano County:

  • Download , review, and follow Sheriff Instructions - Modification
  • Fill out the State Modification form BOF 4502 (Rev.11-09) by clicking on the link below 
  • Contact CCW Coordinator when requested documents are ready for submission

Solano County Modification CCW Instructions

Solano County Approved Training Providers

Tell us about your training experience email [email protected]

2020/2021 Approved Training Providers

Training Providers COVID-19

Solano County Course of Fire

Solano County Sheriff's Office CCW Course of Fire (AB2103)