The following regulations pertain to weapons to be listed on CCW licenses issued by Solano County Sheriff’s Office

  • The weapon shall be the product of a recognized manufacturer free from mechanical and other flaws within tolerances determined by manufacturer’s specifications, and in good working order. 
  • Weapons approved shall be either revolver or semi-automatic with an ammunition capacity of no less than five (5) rounds. 
  •  Weapons must have a bullet with a specification of no less than .25calibers, or greater than .45 calibers. 
  • There is a maximus of three (3) weapons allowed on a CCW permit. 
  • Any weapon listed on a CCW license must be on record with California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms and in the license holders’ name. If you brought the gun in from another state, or are uncertain if the gun is registered to you, you must verify that the weapons are indeed registered to you with DOJ. http://oag.ca.gov/firearms 
  •  You may list a weapon owned by a spouse, if the firearm is on record with CA DOJ in their name.
  •  We allow modification to enhance sighting such as laser sights and/or night sights. This includes modification grips. We do not allow modifications to weapons that would alter it from the manufacturer’s original setting.