Sheriff's Animal Control Services

Sheriff's Animal Control is responsible for providing animal control services and promoting responsible animal ownership through education and enforcement to the City of Vallejo and the Unincorporated areas through the following activities:  Patrols in areas of jurisdiction; enforcement of animal codes and regulations along with investigating charges of animal abuse. 

Animal Control administers the County wide Rabies Control program that is legally mandated by the California Code of Regulations, CCR Title 17 Section 2606 (Rabies, Animal) and associated state regulations.  Enforcement of Federal, State, and local laws relating to humane treatment of animals and effective disease control. 

To report vicious animals, strays, injured animals, deceased animals, or have a complaint,
please contact the following Animal Control agencies:

Within City Limits / Incorporated Areas:
  • Vallejo - Call (707)784-4733 - Solano County Sheriff's Office  Animal Control
  • Benicia - Call (707)745-3412 - Benicia Police Depart. Non-Emergency
  • Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun City, and Vacaville - Call (707)449-1700 - Humane Animal Services Website: Click Here  -- Humane Animal Services are available Mon-Sun 8am-5pm only.
    For after hours, please contact your local Non-Emergency Police Dept.
  • Rio Vista - Call (707) 374-6367 - Rio Vista Police Department Non-Emergency

For Unincorporated Areas of Solano County:

        Solano County Sheriff's Office Animal Control (707) 784-4733

For All Bite Reports in Solano County:

        Solano County Sheriff's Office Animal Control (707) 784- 4733
        Fax: (707) 784-5122

For All Deceased Animals:

Same as listed above with the exception:

  • City of Vallejo - Recology - (707) 552-0221
  • Highways - Caltrans - (916) 654-2852

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